New Opportunities for Dayton


2020 is set to be quite a year for Dayton and Business Furniture- a year of growth and resilience.

It’s a special time in Dayton and we’re honored to be part of it as we’ve relocated from our former location on North Main Street to the historical Avant-Guarde building at 607 E. Third Street.

As one of the largest office furniture companies in the region, we knew Dayton was a city where we wanted to plant roots and continue to invest in the future. We’ve watched a surge of new jobs and industries grow all while commercial real estate and investments point to a strong economic growth.

At Business Furniture, we feel passionate about the development and work happening here. Our new Dayton showroom exemplifies all of that, it’s a mix of the city’s deep history and forward thinking with a constant hunger to know “what’s next?”.

The new space is a 100-year-old building boasting exposed brick and original architecture that date back to when the facility was a coffee bean business turned paper company. Our designers, incorporating furniture with a range of postures and privacy, a work café, and the latest cutting-edge technology. We truly see this as the future of the workplace centered on employee culture, engagement and attracting talent.


We believe space shapes your behaviors and the behaviors of your team shape your culture- THAT is what really enables you to achieve your business results.

This new showroom allows our employees to LOVE HOW THEY WORK and everyday Business Furniture is helping companies like yours do the same. No matter your industry, we can help you create a workplace that sparks creativity, evolving not only your business but allowing your team to achieve remarkable results.

Let us help you #LoveHowYouWork in 2020.

Mary Beth Oakes


Business Furniture