Purdue Description


Faculty & student space

3 floors of 1M+ sq. ft renovation

The new Grissom Hall offers more choice and control for individuals across multiple generations, roles, and personality types. Business Furniture’s solutions for learning spaces, meeting spaces, and faculty and staff offices improve space usage and support collaboration.

The integration of technology enriched collaboration spaces, as well as support for focused work, has contributed to the success of the multiple building projects at Purdue University, including Grissom Hall

MCS Description


Student collaboration

Gymnasium remodel

The MCJHS and MCHS Learning Commons have transitioned from a book resource to a collaboration resource. The Learning Commons are now a hub for creating choice and control for students to be able to work independently or collectively with various levels of technology, interaction and privacy.

Both spaces followed the plan of reducing the number of books being stored and increasing the number of spaces where students can collaborate. We followed the rubric of spaces that are for people that need to work Alone/Public, Alone/Private, Together/Public and Together Private. This rubric, along with providing settings of different postures, allowed us to create a space that meets different types of needs.

Center Grove Description


Supports Kindergartners through teachers

STEM space for school corporation

The Innovation Center is a building focused on supporting the STEM and Innovation initiatives for the entire Center Grove Community School Corporation. Our solution for the space provides a flexible learning environment that supports height ranges from K-12 as well as professional development for teachers.

Three large classrooms open up to one even larger room, with flip-top tables and nesting chairs. Multiple varieties of soft seating through the hallways promote multiple learning postures and maximize learning spaces.