Big Brothers Big Sisters Description


60 Employees

17,665 sq. ft

Big Brothers Big Sisters wanted their space to be functional but have a fresh aesthetic to reflect their new branding. Their request for workstations that are open for collaboration, cost-effective, functional, and reconfigurable for future growth is one we hear often—and we have breadth of line to provide a solution.

Upon entering Big Brothers Big Sisters, the break and training area is the main focal point. They really wanted this space to be comfortable, inviting, vibrant, and promote conversations. We accomplished their request through some great lounge furniture pieces as well as functional tables and seating for large meetings. The great room area provides a fun, more residential feel to make both “Bigs and Littles” feel comfortable right away, as being in comfortable space helps people relax and relate.

The executive team uses the private offices daily for focus work and ongoing collaboration. In the private offices, Steelcase’s Currency series is not only cost-effective and extremely durable, but can be designed for multiple work modes regardless of size. Overall, we provided furniture for all workstations, private offices, lounge areas, conference rooms, enclaves, training, and break areas.

Jarden Description


292 Employees

637,000 sq. ft, National Headquarters

The Business Furniture team worked with Jarden to create an open office environment for everyone including their leaders, and still provide access to enclaves and focus booths to support all work modes.

Choreo was involved early on to develop a change and move management program that aligned with the distinct, innovative and original culture and tone of the Jarden brand and coincided with the spatial design and furniture selections throughout the space.

Helix Description


Co-working space for innovators

40,000 sq. ft, 2 Floors

Business Furniture teamed with Emerson to create a one-of-a-kind space located on the University of Dayton campus in Dayton, Ohio. This innovation center is designed to foster collaboration and fuel innovation. High levels and technology and adaptability make this space an exciting place for researchers, academia, and industry professionals to work.

The Helix Innovation Center is open to other innovative organizations seeking a collaborative, co-working environment. Our furniture solutions provide flexibility to support the changing needs of this space.